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    Facebook Ads Agency account with 1k Spending Limit

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    Hello members,

    I am providing facebook ad agency accounts for advertising in facebook. I am currently selling 1k, and 2k spend limit accounts. Here are the Price for the Accounts :

    Facebook Ad Agency account with 1k Spending Limit - 400$
    Facebook Ad Agency account with 2k Spending Limit - 700$

    If you need more spending limit account, you need to inform me before 4 Business Days. All the Agency Accounts Do have a Seperate VPS for each account, with 1 month access and a credit card attached to it. The Credit card is no name credit card issued by private banking.

    I do accept bitcoins, and bank transfer. All Orders will be delivered within 2 hours upon Payment. I can provide 10 Accounts Per Week Maximum. If you are interested, you can able to reach me by skype : makemoneyonlineqq

    Looking forward to work longterm with reputable buyers. I can also help in creating ads, and getting targeted keywords. Feel free to let me know.

    Thank you,


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