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    Highway king slot - why should you play this slot game ?

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    This is a new article that introduces the main reasons why you should play this slot game although it is a simple game.

    Highway king slot why should you play this slot game

    Before you start playing the Highway King slot game, you should be aware of that this slot game is a simple 5 reel and 9 payline slot game. With only scatters and wilds, you will not find a single feature of the bonus game to rise up the entertainment. This is not really a bad thing. If there is anything that you can expect from Playtech slot games, it will be special features galore. So how do we expect with “simple”?

    Surprisingly, its betting range is friendly, starting from 0.09 and moving to 9 a spin. Where this Highway King slot game falls down a little is the fact that its theme feels a little lazy. The top 3 paying symbols is the exactly same trucks, painted in yellow, red and green.

    Still, it is also a simple bright colored theme, and in case that you are able to overlook the little laziness, there will be some reasons for you to continue to play. They are both ways pays which means that it can pay left to right and right to left over the 9 paylines and big jackpot winning.

    Highway King online slot machines malaysialifts itself up during the game play. Due to the fact that it is a high-volatility slot game, so it contains a decent jackpot that is hidden in the reels. Besides, it pays according to both ways as well. Therefore, while you usually have to wait for a lot of spins to get at any place, the action here is quite constant.

    Of course, this means that most of 3 and 4 symbol winnings are regularly below your spin betting; however at least you will not have a feeling that this Highway King slot machine is consuming your slot playing budget incredibly quickly. Although, of course, you will have to budget carefully in case that you want an opportunity at these 5 Red trucks that line up with a wild that will double your winning. A 2,222x your betting is worth continuing to play this slot game.

    Besides, in the Highway King slot game, when it comes to take the challenge the Red Truck, This challenge will go with other symbols that are really important for driving, such as the steering wheel, the tire as well as the other driving symbols. Each of these items will go with different perks in order to reward your wins. In addition to this, the Dollar Ball progressive jackpot is here as well because you can strive for a goal. In the right corner, over the reels, you are able to play the lottery at scr 888 casino. Choosing 5 out of the total 49 numbers, In case that your luck allows you to match all of the 5 chosen numbers, you will get the jackpot.

    A simple slot game with wilds and scatters and a common theme, Highway King slot machine still has a little to recommend it. From paying both ways to a big slot jackpot, there is some actions on these reels.

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