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    Vietnam Visa on entrance Stamping fee

    Thảo luận trong 'Linh tinh' bắt đầu bởi Martin Anny, 31 Tháng mười 2015.

    Vietnam Immigration Office features technically proclaimed a huge alter inside Vietnam visa stamping fee, only Vietnam visa upon arrival in Vietnamese International airport. Follow in which, because initial The month of january 2013, this fee of a single 30 days – individual accessibility as well as ninety days – one accessibility visa stays on at $45, although 30 days – a number of items visa (from 35 days) as well as ninety days – numerous entries visa price $95.

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    Mind you, make sure you always be carefully informed that this charge of one month-multiple records visa may vary according to your keeping yourself period.
    In particular, in the event you decide to continue to be with regard to calendar month throughout Vietnam, your stamping cost price will be $95.
    In the event you on the other hand obtain a period of time under 30 days (for illustration: up to 29 days expected ), the stamping payment will cost solely $65.
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