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    We supply Coconut Fiber

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    We supply Coconut Fiber

    Dear valued customers, we are Bao Minh Group, a professional company in Vietnam specializes in manufacturing and exporting Coconut Fiber. We can supply coconut fiber with massive quantity at a very competitive price. Please see below for our coconut fiber specification:

    Item No.: OSS-14

    Specification & Price
    Coconut Fibre ​
    Grade A​

    - Moisture: 18%-23% (max)

    - Fibre Leigh: 5-25cm

    - Foreign matter and ash: 3% max

    - Live coir: 2% max

    - Packing: 100 +_5 kg; 17,5Mts per container

    - As customer’s request for packing in Pallet ( Plus more charge)

    Origin: Vietnam

    · Note: the prices enable within 3 days of sending Quotation

    - Price at Cat Lai port

    - Not provide invoice for VAT, packing lists only.

    Please call or email us

    Contact: Ms Ai

    Tel: +84 938 988 954

    Viber: +84 938 449 822

    Skype: nguyen.ai1

    Email: aint7777@gmail.com

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