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    6 Best Jobs Websites In Vietnam with high salary

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    6 Best Jobs Websites In Vietnam with high salary

    Finding a job in Vietnam might look difficult from overseas, but it does not have to be so if you look at the right websites.A lot of new jobs are always posted each day on the different job websites in Vietnam. So if you intend finding a job in Vietnam These are the websites you need to be checking and not wasting your time.

    Please note that the websites listed are in no particular order.

    Anphabe.com : This is the linkedin of Vietnam. It is a platform for job recruitment agencies in Vietnam to post jobs for job seekers in Vietnam. This helps both the job recruitment companies and job seekers to find a one website to connect.

    On Anphabe you can connect with a job recruiter or even send them a message. A lot of Jobs have been found via this platform. Instead of registering on all job hunting websites, try Anphabe. Some recruitment agencies on Anphabe includes : Harvey Nash, RGF executive search, Infinity human resources, Robert Walters, V.Talent, grey finders,Faro, First alliances and Talent Viet.

    Imagine working with all head hunters on just one website. That is why you need to be on Anphabe, the social networking site for professionals in Vietnam or just like i said, The Vietnam LinkedIn.

    Visit Anphabe Big Jobs here

    ITviec : Viec in Vietnamese means jobs. So IT Viec is a simple translation of IT jobs. This website is a dedication to IT geeks/gurus out there. It only lists out jobs for IT experts/locals in Vietnam. So if you are an Information technology specialist looking for jobs in Vietnam, IT viec is one website you want to bookmark.

    The website is easy to use and registration is not required. Click on a job and apply right away with your CV and cover letter. Though the cover letter section allows 500 words making it not so comfortable if you have a lot of experience you need to share with your soon-to-be employers. But if you can summarise everything in 500 words. This is a good website to use.

    Careerbuilder : This is another great job site for people looking for works in Vietnam. The Careerbuilder website is a well known website in the USA, Europe, Canada and South America and other parts of Asia. The careerbuilder in Vietnam is with the .vn extension.

    Careerbuilder is always with up to date information on job in Vietnam. They have easy to use interface, good navigation and it is a bi-lingual website with the English and Vietnamese language. The website allows you to register on the website or applies for job with your linkedIn or Facebook profile. Also, if you don't want to use any of those, you can apply as a non-member which makes it interesting and making it less painful with job applications.

    Jobstreet: This is like the Monster.uk job site in Asia. With location in Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and also in Vietnam. Jobstreet is also popular among HRs of the top brands in Vietnam and you are likely to get exclusive job contents on Jobstreet you won't find on other job site in Vietnam.

    The job website has different categories for job finders in Vietnam to pick from with its easy to use interface. Also, most companies on Jobstreet will write salary expectations for job seekers unlike most websites in Vietnam

    Aside from jobs in Vietnam, some other countries recruitment agencies like Cambodia, Singapore and Thailand always use the Jobstreet Vietnam website to announce job openings at their different locations too.

    Vietnam Works : This is one of the biggest search engine for jobs in Vietnam. The website is always most expats favourite when looking for jobs in Vietnam. The interface is easy to use, you can pick a location, categories or job title. To use the Vietnam works website, you need to create an account, click the job and click the apply button.

    Finding a job in Vietnam is made easy with this website. The website is also bi-lingual with English and Vietnamese. Although expats in Vietnam can easily apply to all listed jobs, not all jobs are for expats as some companies might prefer to hire a local, but Vietnam works have got a category for expatriates and overseas jobs, expats can browse through.

    Careerlink : Another trusted website among job seekers is the Careerlink website. The website is popular among locals and foreigners in Thailand and Cambodia is also used by locals here in Vietnam. Most classified on this website contains work from companies around Vietnam, though most are jobs for locals, but expats are free to apply and might be called upon if their services is needed.

    The website is also available in both English and Vietnamese and popular with HRs, Job openings are both in English and Vietnamese.

    Some Other Worthy Mentions Are

    Expat-blogs : This website lists out job ads for expats and locals. Though not a lot of job ads on this website, but you might hit gold if you keep checking at this website. Also, if you are looking for jobs as expats, you can post on this website hopefully await an employer call.

    LinkedIn : LinkedIn is a website known to professionals around the world. This website is a place you can get job ads for highly skilled jobs from top brands and companies in Vietnam. If you don't know LinkedIn, you might need a lot of things to learn in life.

    Facebook : Facebook though a social networking website might be another best website to get things up and running if you are visiting or thinking of working in Vietnam. If you plan on working in Vietnam, try finding a group of that particular city you planned to stay. Popular city includes Hanoi, Danang, Haiphong, Saigon, Vung Tau and many others.

    Do we miss out any websites in the list? Do you have more suggestion,please write it out to be looked into and added to the list
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