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    Quyen ru voi kieu toc moi

    Pop of Color

    I have been looking for ways to add pops of color to my looks over the years, but have never found a way that I would feel comfortable altering my actual vietnamese hair color. But, there was an easy solution I had never even thought of: clip in colored strands! These strands are vibrant, soft and easy to install. You can buy them in a range of colors so that you can have one color or several throughout your hair. These single strands also give you the option to decide exactly where you want these strands to shine through your natural hues.
    Quyen ru voi kieu toc moi
    This item is one of the easiest and best options for someone who is wanting to add some color to their look but isn’t exactly sure how much or which color. Have fun experimenting!

    Sleek Pony with Edge

    Quyen ru voi kieu toc moi

    Ponytails are always weird for me. I always want them to look big and bouncy, while still giving my hair volume. However, I have very thin hair, so this is a very hard task to accomplish. With this clip in ponytail, I don’t have to worry about sacrificing hair in my ponytail to be sure that I have a certain amount of volume on top of my head.

    The style makes it undetectable even when you are up close and personal, and the pop of color adds just the right amount of fun. This piece should be a staple in any woman’s summertime collection.

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